Outreach Seminar

  • A Science Outreach Seminar will be led by TRANSCEND faculty
  • The outreach seminar will provide mentored experience in developing and delivering community outreach presentations to K-12 students, educators, policy makers, and the general public.
  • This seminar will be informed by our ongoing work, where we have been running both in-person science outreach to educators and K-12 students (reaching ~2,000 annually) as well as a remote zoom-based science outreach program, “Ask A Brain Scientist” Series (~300 annually).
  • We will also collaborate with the UConn Encounters Program to develop community-centered events (held off-campus, e.g., a public library) in which members of the public participate in facilitated discussions about challenging and divisive topics (e.g., the Reading Wars; Why is it better to know about the brain to teach and learn?).
  • Trainees will be able to apply their SciComm knowledge in these real-world settings!